Friday, 1 July 2016

6 Changes You Can Make To Live Closer To Nature

Have you recently started a new journey to living more in harmony with nature? Or are you a long-time expert in living as we were intended to before our corrupted society took over the world? In any case, this list of easy changes to live closer to nature will give you some ideas of how you can make the world a better place, starting with your beautiful person. Because we need to be the change we want to see in the world!

1. Use essential oils instead of perfume.

Commercial perfumes might smell very good, but they are often full of harmful chemicals such as benzaldehyde (a narcotic, local anesthetic, and CNS depressant),  benzyl acetate (a carcinogenic), benzyl alcohol (very irritant CNS depressant), camphor (local irritant), ethanol (irritant), limonene (carcinogenic), linalool (narcotic), and a whole lot more. It is quite easy to switch to this natural alternative, by simply buying some essential oils of your choice and applying one drop directly on the skin, or mixing some of your favorite oils together with water in a spray bottle to use as perfume. Essential oils are basically pure concentrated oil from various plants and flowers. Their smell is very strong and will last all day! Not only do they smell so good, but they are also good for your health. Certain specific essential oils have some healing properties, such as lavender, which is very calming and helps relieve headaches. It is so easy to make the switch, and your body will thank you! Just make sure you buy pure essential oils and not fragrance oils, which are just as chemical as commercial perfume.

2. Use ayurvedic herbs instead of pharmacy tablets.

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It is now becoming a better known fact that the traditional medicines we are being given are not all magical and life-saving. More and more studies show that the pharmaceutical industry aims mainly to make money rather than actually saving people's lives. Most medicines are either over-dosed, more harmful than benefical, or simply useless placebos. Ayurveda has been the mainstream form of medicine for thousands of years in India and other countries. Ayurveda uses natural herbs to cure the root-cause of diseases, together with lifestyle changes to balance the body and the mind. Ayurveda sees illness not as a localized disease but as an imbalance of the whole person, in the body, mind and spirit. If you live in a big city, you can find an ayurvedic doctor near you, or if not you can look online for the best herbs to use for your symptoms and order those herbs online or get them from the local supermarket if they are available. Ayurveda has thousands of years of proven efficiency and is completely natural, which means no side effects whatsoever.

3. Shower less.

Yes, you've just been told to shower less! Before you think anything unpleasing, let me explain. What if I told you that showering/bathing every day was not such a thing before the 20th century? Nowadays, personal hygiene is one of the biggest industries in the world. So much money is made with the thousands of different hygiene procucts available on the market. But I like to think that Nature is flawless, and that our human bodies should not need all those recently-invented products to achieve hygiene. More and more people have started cutting on showers, for many reasons. First, it saves ENORMOUS amounts of water. Even if we are in 2016 and we should definitely expect better from our society, there are still some countries in the world which lack access to drinkable water. Showering less is one way to preserve our precious water. By showering twice a week instead of every day, you can save more than 325 litres of water a week! By showering less, you also reduce the amount of harmful chemicals (found in shampoo and shower gel) that you put on your body when you shower. And the best part, which also proves my theory of Nature's flawlessness, is that your body will accustom itself to your new showering routine. The oils produced by your body will regulate themselves and be produced in smaller quantities, since they won't have to renew everytime you wash them off with harsh chemicals. Your hormones will regulate the same way and therefore you will stop stinking when you don't shower for a few days. It's a win-win change!

4. Use the Golden Rule for eating

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The Golden Rule for eating will help you greatly to detox from fake foods, and you will feel so much better, more energized, less tired, more healthy. All it takes is a little determination and commitment to the Rule. It goes like this: Does this food grow on Earth? If the answer is yes, then you can eat it. If the answer is no, get away from it! This simple question will help you eat natural foods and avoid processed foods. Trust me, you will feel so much better after trying this for two weeks. You will sleep better, waking up in the morning won't be such a struggle, you will have energy the whole day, and you will feel generally more healthy.

5. Get lots of sun and lots of sleep.

In the modern 9-5 pattern, most people lack sleep and exposure to the sun. This mistake is proven to make people more impatient and generally grumpy, and have a generally poorer health. Sleeping well  is extremely important as it gives a break to your body and brain, washes away the adventures and worries of the day and resets your whole system. Direct exposure to sunlight fills up your body with vitamin D and other extremely important nutrients. If you can make some changes in your daily schedule to get a little more sleep everyday, and have a 30 mins walk under the sun daily, you will experience the benefits of it by having more energy, a clearer mind, and higher general happiness.

6. Buy less things

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Last but not least, buy less things. Because the only things you are allowed to bring on to the next life is the stuff you packed in your heart. Try and focus on experiences rather than material possessions. Not only will you feel better with yourself, more fullfilled and focused on doing productive things, but your wallet will also thank you. The 'one purcent' on this planet make their glory by selling us useless things that are marketed as essential in expensive advertisements to brainwash people into thinking they need all those things. Buy buying lots of not-so-necessary things, you contribute to this corrupted system of consumption and brain-controlling. Find your happiness in people, places, moments. After trying it, your soul will need no more explanation.

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Difference Between Science And Philosophy, And Why They Should Never Be Put Together

If you have studied science and philosophy in school, you might already have an opinion about both those areas of study. Maybe you liked one and hated the other, or liked or hated both. Maybe you have not studied any of those, or only one of them. In any case, this infographic will give you a clearer understanding of what science and philosophy are about, and why they are so different and should never be mistakened as the same thing.

This is a very good question. The answer is, there is not much of a difference. You might have seen it coming or not, but the introduction to this article is completely sarcastic. If we really want to put science and philosophy as two different entities, we could say that science is based on physical experiments to prove itself, while philosophy bases itself on thought experiments. But the truth is that philosophy IS science and science IS philosophy, in that they both seek to explain the nature of the world in which we exist. But then why would they be divided? For the same reason as why everything in our society is categorized. We categorize skin color, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, health, gender, ways of thinking, opinions. And this is all because division makes us weak. If we spend our lives studying only art, or philosophy, or science, or religion, or any specific subject, we completely miss out the big picture, the complete understanding, because the universe is everything and therefore we must have knowledge of all its parts to understand it fully. If you go far back in history, there was no such thing as subjects of study. You either studied (life in general) or you did not. This is also why Moonhead talks about everything that will bring explanations about our universe, and ourselves as a part of it. I hope this article opened up your mind, even a little, to the unity of science and philosophy, and on a broader scale, to the unity of all knowledge, no matter the 'subject'. 

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Pythagoras: Summary Of The Mystical Life Of A Mysterious Genius (That Had A Lot Less To Do With Mathematics Than You Think)

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If, just like me, you remember learning about Pythagoras' theorem for right-angled triangles in high school, you might think there is not much more to say about a long-dead mathematician. But once again, this is proof that what we learn in school is most often than not only a tiny fraction of all there is to know about a subject, and many very important topics are usually not even studied. I don't think you have heard of Nikola Tesla in school either, and this is a very disturbing proof that something is wrong with what we are being taught. You will most probably have your mind blown after discovering in this article that Pythagoras was said to be, after a pionneer of mathematics, a philosopher, metaphysician, astrologer, astronomer, musician, oracle, and creator of one of the most influencal brotherhoods in history.

The main thing to remember throughout this summary of this mysterious genius' life is that there is very little direct documentation of Pythagoras' writings and life. All the knowledge we have of what he did was written many many years after his death by philosophers whom he influenced and people who claimed to have known him. There are also many different versions of his story, depending on the source you consult. This text is a summary of the 'average story' of this incredible man whose knowledge was so great that he was even said to be some sort of God or divinity by admirers and legends.

Early Life

It is hard to find an exact date for Pythagoras' birth, but the most commonly agreed upon would be 570 BC. He was supposedly born in Samos, a Greek island. His father, Mnesarchus, was either a gem-crafter or merchant, while little to no information about his mother is available. It is said that while Pythagoras' mother was pregnant with him, the Pythia (or Oracle of Delphi) came to her and prophesied that she would give birth to a man supremely beautiful, wise, and beneficial to mankind. This explains the meaning of Pythagoras, which relates to agor, the one who speaks, and Pyth; like the Pythian. 


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Pythagoras would have left Samos to go on a knowledge-seeking journey around the world in 530 BC, at the age of 40. He is believed to have perfected his knowledge mainly in Egypt, Arabia, Phoenicia, Judaea, Babylon, Greece and India. It is believed that he spent some years in Egypt being taught geometry by Egyptian priests, among who was Oenuphis of Heliopolis. Some legends even say Hermes (Egyptian god Thoth) himself was his teacher at some point. Phoenicians would have taught him arithmetics, Chaldeans astronomy, Magians religion, and a Delphic priestess, Themistoclea, taught him the principles of ethics.

Life in Croton

After acquiring all the knowledge and experience he was looking for, Pythagoras settled in Croton, Italy. I did not take long after his arrival for him to become very admired and he quickly attained an extensive influence as many people began following him. Many documents tell stories of how Pythagoras convinced masses of admirers in Croton to abandon their luxurious and corrupt ways of living to follow a purer system which he introduced them to. His disciples then established a select brotherhood for the purpose of deepening their study of their master's teachings. The brotherhood's activities quickly became very secretial and mysterious. The organisation of the group was very complex, and the new members would have to go through an extensive testing period where they were evaluated on their capacities of maintaining silence, their general temper, disposition and mental abilities. Pythagoras' teachings of mathematics, philosophy and religion were given to two different groups or rankings among his followers. The former was called the mathematikoi (learners) and the latter akousmatikoi (listeners). The learners would study extensively the theories and teachings of their master, while the listeners would be introduced to the more general picture of the subjects. The Pythagoreans, as they were called at the peak of their fame, had a very close relationship to each other and to the brotherhood. It is said that they would have meals together, and have a daily routine of physical exercise and musical activities. Also, the discoveries made by the Pythagoreans were all attributed to Pythagoras in late texts, which explains why so many theories are related to him in modern mathematics and philosophy. The group's glory eventually started attracting lots of hostility and jealousy from the people of Croton. and this led to the destruction of the Pythagorean order. buildings used for secret meetings were burnt down, killing the oldest and less healthy members, and those who couldn't escape in time. There are a few theories regarding the cause of Pythagoras' death. Some say that he perished in his temple with his disciples, others say that he escaped in Tarentum, Italy, before eventually starving to death.

Other Facts About Pythagoras

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  • He believed in reincarnation and transmigration of souls in different bodies such as animals, plants or any living organism. This explains why many texts state that meat was not allowed among Pythagoreans and they lived on a plant-based diet. However, some other texts dismiss this hypothesis.
  • He claimed that he could remember his past lives, and also those of people around him. There is a story according to which he once heard a dog barking as he was getting beaten. Pythagoras recognised the voice of a deceased friend in its bark and came to the dog's rescue. He said that this dog had been Euphorbus, from the Trojan War, as well as a tradesman, courtesan, and more.
  • He was said to have practised divination and prophecy.
  • He supposedly married a woman named Theano, and together they had one son, Telauges, and three daughters, Damo, Arignote, and Myia.
  • The lack of written evidence suggests that his teachings in the Pythagorean brotherhood were mainly oral.
  • He greatly influenced the philosopher Plato's writings.
  • He is also known for his study of what he called musica universalis, One day he heard the harmony of the sounds produced by a blacksmith hammering pieces of metal, and he decided to research the scientific and mathematical laws of musical harmony. He could possibly have also discovered the properties of string length.
  • He also said that he found a mathematical equation explaining the movements of planets in the universe, which correspond to musical notes, thus producing a symphony.
  • Aristotle and others said that he could travel through time and space, and that he could communicate with plants and animals.
  • Some say that he was the discoverer of the famous Golden Ratio.
  • An extract from Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable says: 'Pythagoras is said to have had a golden thigh, which he showed to Abaris, the Hyperborean priest, and exhibited in the Olympic games.'
  • Pythagoreanism would be the origin of Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

Surely Pythagoras was a very mysterious character with much, much greater knowledge than he is given credit for in our school books. Once again we have proof that there are some things we must research ourselves if we want to pierce the secret of ancient knowledge and find the truth about our existence.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Healing Powers Of Solar Energized Water

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By Leah Legare

Have you ever heard the term 'solar water'? If not, it might be time to discover this great practice to make your drinking water more pure, more energized and more healing, on an incredible level. Making solar water really does change the molecular composition of the water, and it is proven. I will explain to you how it all works in this article.

How to make solar energized water

First of all, how do we make solar water? The answer is, it could hardly be more simple. You will need water (obviously). I recommend you use rainwater or springwater you collected yourself to avoid unwanted minerals and chemicals such as fluorite which are found in tap water (the easiest way to calcify our pineal glands without us even noticing), but the choice is up to you, you can always use sink water if you do not have rain or springwater at your disposition. Then you will need to put the water in a glass bottle or any transparent bottle. You have the possibility to add colored filters to your bottle to change the healing properties of the water. We will see that in more detail in another section. Once you have your water in your bottle, all you need to do is expose your bottle to the sunlight for at least one hour, up to a few hours. You can put the bottle directly outside or inside your house next to a window where the sunlight goes through. Once the solar water stayed exposed enough, it is ready to drink. Enjoy this powerful elixir!

What happens when you expose water to the sunlight

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Now here at Moonhead, we prone questioning. We live in a society where everything is just thrown at you and what is expected is that we just take all the information in without questioning anything and accept it as an undeniable truth. But I won't ask you to just believe that solar water really is incredible and full of benefits without telling you exactly why. Sun rays are radiant electromagnetic energy from the sun. They provide light and heat for the Earth and energy for photosynthesis. Sunlight exists in three different categories; infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet. When sunrays reach and penetrate water molecules, a phenomenon called electromagnetic absorption occurs. Molecular changes occur differently in the three categories of rays. Rotational transitions occur in infrared light, vibrational transitions in visible light and electronic transitions in ultraviolet light. In each case the water molecules respectively absorb rotational, vibrational and electronic energy from the sun rays. And this is how exposing your water to sunlight greatly purifies it and saturates it with Sun energy! 

How to use colored filters

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We have seen how water molecules absorb Sun energy. Now since visible light saturates water with vibrational energy, we can deduct that using a different color from the visible light spectrum will fill water molecules with slightly different vibrations, as all colors have a different wavelength. Let's see some of the effects of different colors on your solar energized water:

  • Purple | Is very calming, good for relieving headaches, improves the skin and helps people suffering from insomnia.
  • Blue | Main color usually used for solar energized water. It purifies the blood, relieves pain from pretty much any ailment, is very antiseptic and helps healing wounds, calms fever, helps for throat infections or sore throat.
  • Green | Very calming, boosts the immune system, calms anger and restaures inner peace.
  • Yellow | Helps concentration, focus and alertness, is also laxative and helps with urine infections, helps in weight loss.
  • Orange | Helps the digestive system, calms period pains, cramps, and depression.
  • Red | Relieves tiredness and lethargy, raises low blood pressure, boosts circulation, warms up on a cold day.
Try it for yourself

Now that you have all the information about solar energized water, how it works and how to make some, you are all set to go and make your own solar water! First you can try and make solar water without any colored filter in order to get your water saturated with all the different light vibrations of the visible light spectrum, and once you become a regular of solar water, you can start using the filters to treat specific problems or simply go with what you need on a specific day. If you wake up out of energy and tired, put a bottle of red-filtered water next to the window. If you are very stressed with work, prepare a green-filtered elixir and drink before going to bed. The best is always to try it and see what works best for you!


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Monday, 20 June 2016

Love To Lay Under The Sun All Day? This Is In Fact A Very Spiritual And Powerful Practice

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By Leah Legare

Is summer a synonym for sunbathing in your language? Maybe you are a Leo, very influenced by the cycles of the Sun, or you simply feel a strong connection with the Sun and love to lay down for hours absorbing those delicious sunrays. In any case, sunbathing is a lot more spiritual and powerful than you think. It has been a very sacred ritual for thousands of years and, more modernly, it is proven to have countless beneficial effects on the body and the mind (and the spirit!). Documented use of the sun's powers date back to Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt (the sun god Ra being very powerful and important in Ancient Egypt), and Ancient Rome, with Indian medicine literature from 1500 BE stating the combination of herbs and sun exposition to treat skin ailments, and Buddhist and Chinese literature making similar statements. After reading this article, you won't ever see those days at the beach the same way, and hopefully it will become a more conscious practice!

The Ancient Yogic Practice Of Atapa Snana

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'Atapa Snana' is the Yogic name for the healing practice of sunbathing, and has deep and strong spiritual roots. This ritual, involving simply laying under the sun and gazing at it, is said by yogis to improve vision, induce spiritual awareness and inner peace. The sunbathe is usually taken in the hours when the UV index is low. When practiced to heal ailments, the diseased part of the body is usually exposed while the rest of the body is kept in the shadow. Once the body part is warmed up and energized by the sunrays, it is then massaged with neem oil and let to cool down. Still to this day, sun exposition is very important in Ayurveda.

Modern Heliotherapy

In modern science, heliotherapy, or light therapy, is widely used to treat many different diseases and is even used as a first-line treatment for specific conditions. It is very effective, among others, to treat;

  • Skin conditions. Heliotherapy has been proven to be effective against many skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, acne vulgaris, cancer, and many more.
  • Wound healing. Low level laser is getting more and more known as a treatment for chronic wounds, while High power lasers are being used to close acute wounds as an alternative to stitching.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorders. Light therapy is considered a first-line treatment for seasonal affective disorders, as it is less expensive and provides faster results than antidepressants (and it's much more Earthly, may I add!). It works principally by resetting the internal clock of the body.
  • Depression. Heliotherapy's effectiveness is being tested for curing depression, as well as bipolar disorders and postpartum depression.
  •  CRSD. It has proven its effectiveness against chronic CRSD and situational CRSD, such as individuals on shift work, and jet lag.

Other General Benefits Of Sunbathing

  • Lowers cholesterol. The sun converts high cholesterol in the blood into steroid and sexual hormones.
  • Blood. Sunlight has many great effects on your blood. Among others, it lowers your blood pressure, cleanses the blood from bacteria, increases oxygen production in the blood, as well as white cell production, which makes your immune system stronger.
  • Contributes to child growth. Studies have shown the positive effect of sun exposition on the growth of children in the first few months of their life.
  • Vitamin D. Sunlight is THE main source of Vitamin D, and the easiest to get as well. Vitamin D is of vital importance in your organism, as it plays a key role in fighting disease, strenghtening the immune system, and helping grow strong teeth and bones.
Solar Energized Water

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While you gaze the sun and meditate while sunbathing, why not bring with you a bottle of fresh rainwater or springwater to energize it and make solar water? Solar water is made by exposing water to the sun rays for one to a few hours, purifying it and saturating it with vitamin D and solar energy. It is a very well known practice among naturopaths and you will taste and feel the difference by yourself if you decide to try it out. You can also apply colored filters around the bottles you use to give specific energies to your water. Cobalt blue is generally used but all colors bring different benefits to solar water. 

The Sun, this mystical orb which gives us Life and upon which our destiny relies, is a wonderful star in itself. Ancients worshipped it for very good reasons today in this regularized and rationalized world we shall learn again to love the sun and be grateful for the Life power it provides us with. I hope this article will make your next sunbathing session more spiritual and conscious!


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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Aloha Ke Akua: Be Ready To Feel Deeply Connected To Nature In This Stunning Music Video

Be ready to have your soul taken to a beautiful place, the Earth where all there is is love and beauty, and bliss.

Nahko Bear is the leader and singer of the band Nahko and Medicine for the People. The band makes songs with very meaningful lyrics that call for universal love and acceptance and the awakening of mankind in a fusion of various cultural musical influences. 'Aloha Ke Akua', which means Thank God in Hawaian, is one of their most popular songs, and it will take to to another world with its beautiful lyrics and blissful piano.

The video was produced by El Mall and based on an original idea by Televisa celebrating the Bicentennial of Mexico. This stunning picture displays breathtaking landscapes and animals in a very artistic way. Prepare for your soul to be transported.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

An Insight On The Existence Of Consciousness As The True Essence Of The Universe

"What if the possibility of consciousness is a higher reality where every bit is real as any of our current constructs of reality? And what if it could give us, if only we were open to it, some very real advantages in understanding our world and where we fit into it, compared to some very serious disadvantages of a materialistic world view?" -Dada Gunamuktananda

This TEDx Talk from 2014 by Yogi Dada Gunamuktananda explains in a healthy balance of science and spirituality the undeniability of the existence of consciousness as the true essence of the Universe we live in, in a refreshing way and with humour.

 Dada is a Yogi and meditation teacher. He has trained in meditation, yoga and natural health sciences in Australia, the Philippines and India. He has been a meditation teacher of Ananda Marga since 1995 and has taught and lectured on meditation in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

In this 18 minutes video, Dada will take you through the mental process to understanding that consciousness not only exists, but is everywhere and everywhen. He will also show you how does this apply to our individual lives, and how other great minds of science have already taken a stand in favour of consciousness as the true essence at the base of Life.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

The Meaning Of Hair: Should We Grow It, Or Shave It?

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By Leah Legare

In the 21st century, hair is nothing more than a fashion asset and a prospering industry for hair product brands and salons around the world. But if we have a look back a few centuries ago, hair seemed to have a great and deep spiritual meaning. It has been well documented that Native people used to have a cherishing relationship with their hair and believed it was some sort of extension of the nervous system, or antennaes, which have the power to enhance extrasensory abilities to perceive energies and connect with the environment around them. If we have a look at eastern traditions and the roots of Buddhism, monks seem to always shave their heads and wear the 'bald' look. What is the explanation and motive behind both traditions? Which is most meaningful in spiritual growth? In this article, we will explore the Native and Buddhist perspectives on hair, as well as its mainstream scientific definition.

First of all, what IS hair?

Hairs are basically tubelike pockets of the epidermis, made of dead tissue. They consist of the shaft, protruding above the skin, and the root, which is sunk in a follicle beneath the skin surface. Hairs are composed mainly of keratin and other related proteins. Human hair is formed by rapid division of cells at the base of the follicle. As the cells are pushed upward from the follicle's base, they harden and undergo pigmentation. Healthy hair should grow about 0.5 inch per month and have an average life of 3 to 5 years. We have between 100 000 and 150 000 hairs on our heads! (Source)

Native Perspective

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"Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality." -Yogi Bhajan

A very interesting investigation made during the Vietnam War shed light on the Native American perspective on the purpose of hair with in a pretty shocking way. During the Vietnam War, special forces were sent to native reservations to recruit talented young men with exceptional tracking and survival abilities. Before enrolling, those individuals were extensively tested for their abilities and their performances were documented. But once enrolled, experts were left speachless as the performances of those incredibly talented men became mediocre. They could no longer feel the enemy coming without seeing it, or wake up instinctively when danger was close. They started investigating as to why the recruits were no longer performing like they did in the reservations where they were found, and the young men told them exactly what had happened. They said that since they had received the military haircut, they could no longer rely on their sharp intuition and access extrasensory information from their environment. After this discovery, Native American recruits were exempted from receiving the military haircut to maintain high levels of performance. 

Yogi Bhajan is a worldwide reknown leader Yogi Master, and he has a lot to say about the meaning of hair. "When the hair on your head is allowed to attain its full, mature length, then phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D are all produced, and enter the lymphatic fluid, and eventually the spinal fluid through the two ducts on the top of the brain. This ionic change creates more efficient memory and leads to greater physical energy, improved stamina, and patience.” He also explains that hairs are antennaes that channel the sun energy, or prana, and send it to the frontal lobes, the part of the brain which we use when we meditate and visualize. He says that these antennaes act as conduits to bring greater quantities of subtle cosmic energy. According to him, it takes about three years for the antennaes to grow again at the tip of your hair after you cut them. (Source)

Buddhist Monk Perspective

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Whenever we see pictures of Buddhist monks, they usually have their heads shaved. 'Tonsure', as it is called, is not as mandatory in Buddhism as it used to be, but is still widely underwent by monks. The act of cutting off the hair is symbolic of letting go of material attachments and the self-obsessed ego. (Source) In Buddhist history, it is said that when the prince who was to become the Buddha left his palace to seek a way beyond ageing, sickness and death, one of the first things he did was to cut off his hair and beard. Buddhist monks therefore do the same, to show their commitment to the Holy Life (Brahmacariya). (Source) Other texts suggest that the Buddha would have implemented this rule to discourage weird hair practices of the time, where mendicants seeking enlightenment deliberately left their hair unkept and unwashed, having taken vows to avoid grooming until they had realized enlightenment. The rules made by the Buddha for his ordained followers are recorded in a text called the Vinaya-Pitaka. (Source)

Which Path Should We Follow?

In the end, it is always up to you to choose which belief system you want to follow, or just follow your own heart and do what you think is best for you! But I hope this article gave you a more in-depth insight into how different civilizations with different traditions deal with hair and its purpose. One thing for sure, hair has a lot more of a spiritual meaning than most people nowadays assume. Once again it is time that we listen to what our ancestors said and re-learn all the great knowledge they had of the world and of themselves.

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