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Love To Lay Under The Sun All Day? This Is In Fact A Very Spiritual And Powerful Practice

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By Leah Legare

Is summer a synonym for sunbathing in your language? Maybe you are a Leo, very influenced by the cycles of the Sun, or you simply feel a strong connection with the Sun and love to lay down for hours absorbing those delicious sunrays. In any case, sunbathing is a lot more spiritual and powerful than you think. It has been a very sacred ritual for thousands of years and, more modernly, it is proven to have countless beneficial effects on the body and the mind (and the spirit!). Documented use of the sun's powers date back to Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt (the sun god Ra being very powerful and important in Ancient Egypt), and Ancient Rome, with Indian medicine literature from 1500 BE stating the combination of herbs and sun exposition to treat skin ailments, and Buddhist and Chinese literature making similar statements. After reading this article, you won't ever see those days at the beach the same way, and hopefully it will become a more conscious practice!

The Ancient Yogic Practice Of Atapa Snana

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'Atapa Snana' is the Yogic name for the healing practice of sunbathing, and has deep and strong spiritual roots. This ritual, involving simply laying under the sun and gazing at it, is said by yogis to improve vision, induce spiritual awareness and inner peace. The sunbathe is usually taken in the hours when the UV index is low. When practiced to heal ailments, the diseased part of the body is usually exposed while the rest of the body is kept in the shadow. Once the body part is warmed up and energized by the sunrays, it is then massaged with neem oil and let to cool down. Still to this day, sun exposition is very important in Ayurveda.

Modern Heliotherapy

In modern science, heliotherapy, or light therapy, is widely used to treat many different diseases and is even used as a first-line treatment for specific conditions. It is very effective, among others, to treat;

  • Skin conditions. Heliotherapy has been proven to be effective against many skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, acne vulgaris, cancer, and many more.
  • Wound healing. Low level laser is getting more and more known as a treatment for chronic wounds, while High power lasers are being used to close acute wounds as an alternative to stitching.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorders. Light therapy is considered a first-line treatment for seasonal affective disorders, as it is less expensive and provides faster results than antidepressants (and it's much more Earthly, may I add!). It works principally by resetting the internal clock of the body.
  • Depression. Heliotherapy's effectiveness is being tested for curing depression, as well as bipolar disorders and postpartum depression.
  •  CRSD. It has proven its effectiveness against chronic CRSD and situational CRSD, such as individuals on shift work, and jet lag.

Other General Benefits Of Sunbathing

  • Lowers cholesterol. The sun converts high cholesterol in the blood into steroid and sexual hormones.
  • Blood. Sunlight has many great effects on your blood. Among others, it lowers your blood pressure, cleanses the blood from bacteria, increases oxygen production in the blood, as well as white cell production, which makes your immune system stronger.
  • Contributes to child growth. Studies have shown the positive effect of sun exposition on the growth of children in the first few months of their life.
  • Vitamin D. Sunlight is THE main source of Vitamin D, and the easiest to get as well. Vitamin D is of vital importance in your organism, as it plays a key role in fighting disease, strenghtening the immune system, and helping grow strong teeth and bones.
Solar Energized Water

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While you gaze the sun and meditate while sunbathing, why not bring with you a bottle of fresh rainwater or springwater to energize it and make solar water? Solar water is made by exposing water to the sun rays for one to a few hours, purifying it and saturating it with vitamin D and solar energy. It is a very well known practice among naturopaths and you will taste and feel the difference by yourself if you decide to try it out. You can also apply colored filters around the bottles you use to give specific energies to your water. Cobalt blue is generally used but all colors bring different benefits to solar water. 

The Sun, this mystical orb which gives us Life and upon which our destiny relies, is a wonderful star in itself. Ancients worshipped it for very good reasons today in this regularized and rationalized world we shall learn again to love the sun and be grateful for the Life power it provides us with. I hope this article will make your next sunbathing session more spiritual and conscious!


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