Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Difference Between Science And Philosophy, And Why They Should Never Be Put Together

If you have studied science and philosophy in school, you might already have an opinion about both those areas of study. Maybe you liked one and hated the other, or liked or hated both. Maybe you have not studied any of those, or only one of them. In any case, this infographic will give you a clearer understanding of what science and philosophy are about, and why they are so different and should never be mistakened as the same thing.

This is a very good question. The answer is, there is not much of a difference. You might have seen it coming or not, but the introduction to this article is completely sarcastic. If we really want to put science and philosophy as two different entities, we could say that science is based on physical experiments to prove itself, while philosophy bases itself on thought experiments. But the truth is that philosophy IS science and science IS philosophy, in that they both seek to explain the nature of the world in which we exist. But then why would they be divided? For the same reason as why everything in our society is categorized. We categorize skin color, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, health, gender, ways of thinking, opinions. And this is all because division makes us weak. If we spend our lives studying only art, or philosophy, or science, or religion, or any specific subject, we completely miss out the big picture, the complete understanding, because the universe is everything and therefore we must have knowledge of all its parts to understand it fully. If you go far back in history, there was no such thing as subjects of study. You either studied (life in general) or you did not. This is also why Moonhead talks about everything that will bring explanations about our universe, and ourselves as a part of it. I hope this article opened up your mind, even a little, to the unity of science and philosophy, and on a broader scale, to the unity of all knowledge, no matter the 'subject'. 

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