Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Healing Powers Of Solar Energized Water

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By Leah Legare

Have you ever heard the term 'solar water'? If not, it might be time to discover this great practice to make your drinking water more pure, more energized and more healing, on an incredible level. Making solar water really does change the molecular composition of the water, and it is proven. I will explain to you how it all works in this article.

How to make solar energized water

First of all, how do we make solar water? The answer is, it could hardly be more simple. You will need water (obviously). I recommend you use rainwater or springwater you collected yourself to avoid unwanted minerals and chemicals such as fluorite which are found in tap water (the easiest way to calcify our pineal glands without us even noticing), but the choice is up to you, you can always use sink water if you do not have rain or springwater at your disposition. Then you will need to put the water in a glass bottle or any transparent bottle. You have the possibility to add colored filters to your bottle to change the healing properties of the water. We will see that in more detail in another section. Once you have your water in your bottle, all you need to do is expose your bottle to the sunlight for at least one hour, up to a few hours. You can put the bottle directly outside or inside your house next to a window where the sunlight goes through. Once the solar water stayed exposed enough, it is ready to drink. Enjoy this powerful elixir!

What happens when you expose water to the sunlight

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Now here at Moonhead, we prone questioning. We live in a society where everything is just thrown at you and what is expected is that we just take all the information in without questioning anything and accept it as an undeniable truth. But I won't ask you to just believe that solar water really is incredible and full of benefits without telling you exactly why. Sun rays are radiant electromagnetic energy from the sun. They provide light and heat for the Earth and energy for photosynthesis. Sunlight exists in three different categories; infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet. When sunrays reach and penetrate water molecules, a phenomenon called electromagnetic absorption occurs. Molecular changes occur differently in the three categories of rays. Rotational transitions occur in infrared light, vibrational transitions in visible light and electronic transitions in ultraviolet light. In each case the water molecules respectively absorb rotational, vibrational and electronic energy from the sun rays. And this is how exposing your water to sunlight greatly purifies it and saturates it with Sun energy! 

How to use colored filters

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We have seen how water molecules absorb Sun energy. Now since visible light saturates water with vibrational energy, we can deduct that using a different color from the visible light spectrum will fill water molecules with slightly different vibrations, as all colors have a different wavelength. Let's see some of the effects of different colors on your solar energized water:

  • Purple | Is very calming, good for relieving headaches, improves the skin and helps people suffering from insomnia.
  • Blue | Main color usually used for solar energized water. It purifies the blood, relieves pain from pretty much any ailment, is very antiseptic and helps healing wounds, calms fever, helps for throat infections or sore throat.
  • Green | Very calming, boosts the immune system, calms anger and restaures inner peace.
  • Yellow | Helps concentration, focus and alertness, is also laxative and helps with urine infections, helps in weight loss.
  • Orange | Helps the digestive system, calms period pains, cramps, and depression.
  • Red | Relieves tiredness and lethargy, raises low blood pressure, boosts circulation, warms up on a cold day.
Try it for yourself

Now that you have all the information about solar energized water, how it works and how to make some, you are all set to go and make your own solar water! First you can try and make solar water without any colored filter in order to get your water saturated with all the different light vibrations of the visible light spectrum, and once you become a regular of solar water, you can start using the filters to treat specific problems or simply go with what you need on a specific day. If you wake up out of energy and tired, put a bottle of red-filtered water next to the window. If you are very stressed with work, prepare a green-filtered elixir and drink before going to bed. The best is always to try it and see what works best for you!


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