Friday, 1 July 2016

6 Changes You Can Make To Live Closer To Nature

Have you recently started a new journey to living more in harmony with nature? Or are you a long-time expert in living as we were intended to before our corrupted society took over the world? In any case, this list of easy changes to live closer to nature will give you some ideas of how you can make the world a better place, starting with your beautiful person. Because we need to be the change we want to see in the world!

1. Use essential oils instead of perfume.

Commercial perfumes might smell very good, but they are often full of harmful chemicals such as benzaldehyde (a narcotic, local anesthetic, and CNS depressant),  benzyl acetate (a carcinogenic), benzyl alcohol (very irritant CNS depressant), camphor (local irritant), ethanol (irritant), limonene (carcinogenic), linalool (narcotic), and a whole lot more. It is quite easy to switch to this natural alternative, by simply buying some essential oils of your choice and applying one drop directly on the skin, or mixing some of your favorite oils together with water in a spray bottle to use as perfume. Essential oils are basically pure concentrated oil from various plants and flowers. Their smell is very strong and will last all day! Not only do they smell so good, but they are also good for your health. Certain specific essential oils have some healing properties, such as lavender, which is very calming and helps relieve headaches. It is so easy to make the switch, and your body will thank you! Just make sure you buy pure essential oils and not fragrance oils, which are just as chemical as commercial perfume.

2. Use ayurvedic herbs instead of pharmacy tablets.

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It is now becoming a better known fact that the traditional medicines we are being given are not all magical and life-saving. More and more studies show that the pharmaceutical industry aims mainly to make money rather than actually saving people's lives. Most medicines are either over-dosed, more harmful than benefical, or simply useless placebos. Ayurveda has been the mainstream form of medicine for thousands of years in India and other countries. Ayurveda uses natural herbs to cure the root-cause of diseases, together with lifestyle changes to balance the body and the mind. Ayurveda sees illness not as a localized disease but as an imbalance of the whole person, in the body, mind and spirit. If you live in a big city, you can find an ayurvedic doctor near you, or if not you can look online for the best herbs to use for your symptoms and order those herbs online or get them from the local supermarket if they are available. Ayurveda has thousands of years of proven efficiency and is completely natural, which means no side effects whatsoever.

3. Shower less.

Yes, you've just been told to shower less! Before you think anything unpleasing, let me explain. What if I told you that showering/bathing every day was not such a thing before the 20th century? Nowadays, personal hygiene is one of the biggest industries in the world. So much money is made with the thousands of different hygiene procucts available on the market. But I like to think that Nature is flawless, and that our human bodies should not need all those recently-invented products to achieve hygiene. More and more people have started cutting on showers, for many reasons. First, it saves ENORMOUS amounts of water. Even if we are in 2016 and we should definitely expect better from our society, there are still some countries in the world which lack access to drinkable water. Showering less is one way to preserve our precious water. By showering twice a week instead of every day, you can save more than 325 litres of water a week! By showering less, you also reduce the amount of harmful chemicals (found in shampoo and shower gel) that you put on your body when you shower. And the best part, which also proves my theory of Nature's flawlessness, is that your body will accustom itself to your new showering routine. The oils produced by your body will regulate themselves and be produced in smaller quantities, since they won't have to renew everytime you wash them off with harsh chemicals. Your hormones will regulate the same way and therefore you will stop stinking when you don't shower for a few days. It's a win-win change!

4. Use the Golden Rule for eating

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The Golden Rule for eating will help you greatly to detox from fake foods, and you will feel so much better, more energized, less tired, more healthy. All it takes is a little determination and commitment to the Rule. It goes like this: Does this food grow on Earth? If the answer is yes, then you can eat it. If the answer is no, get away from it! This simple question will help you eat natural foods and avoid processed foods. Trust me, you will feel so much better after trying this for two weeks. You will sleep better, waking up in the morning won't be such a struggle, you will have energy the whole day, and you will feel generally more healthy.

5. Get lots of sun and lots of sleep.

In the modern 9-5 pattern, most people lack sleep and exposure to the sun. This mistake is proven to make people more impatient and generally grumpy, and have a generally poorer health. Sleeping well  is extremely important as it gives a break to your body and brain, washes away the adventures and worries of the day and resets your whole system. Direct exposure to sunlight fills up your body with vitamin D and other extremely important nutrients. If you can make some changes in your daily schedule to get a little more sleep everyday, and have a 30 mins walk under the sun daily, you will experience the benefits of it by having more energy, a clearer mind, and higher general happiness.

6. Buy less things

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Last but not least, buy less things. Because the only things you are allowed to bring on to the next life is the stuff you packed in your heart. Try and focus on experiences rather than material possessions. Not only will you feel better with yourself, more fullfilled and focused on doing productive things, but your wallet will also thank you. The 'one purcent' on this planet make their glory by selling us useless things that are marketed as essential in expensive advertisements to brainwash people into thinking they need all those things. Buy buying lots of not-so-necessary things, you contribute to this corrupted system of consumption and brain-controlling. Find your happiness in people, places, moments. After trying it, your soul will need no more explanation.

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